Powering Through Pompe – a Column by Keara Engle

Keara is located in south-central Pennsylvania and has lived there her whole life. Keara is a single mother to a little boy with Pompe disease who was born in 2018. She hopes that her column, “Powering Through Pompe,” will bring comfort to those that are also dealing with Pompe disease. She remembers how scary it was when her son was first diagnosed and wants to help guide others through their journey. Keara is excited for this opportunity and is proud to be working with this site’s publisher, BioNews.

My son is starting to despise his breathing treatments

My soon to be 5-year-old son, Cayden, goes through a lot at his young age. Due to his infantile-onset Pompe disease, he has experienced many hardships. One of our current struggles is getting him to let me administer his breathing treatments. One symptom of Pompe disease is breathing problems.

How My Children’s Experiences With Newborn Screening Differ

In the United States, every child gets tested for a multitude of rare diseases and conditions at birth. However, each state picks and chooses which rare diseases and conditions they’ll screen for. Pennsylvania, where I live, added Pompe disease to their newborn screening panel in February 2016, a…