Toddlers Can Experience Chronic Pain, Too

Recently, I reached out to some other moms in our Pompe family to ask about a concern I’ve had for a while. I’ve noticed my 4-year-old son, Cayden, is complaining of pain more than ever. It’s mainly in his legs, but I assume he gets aches and pains elsewhere.

Pompe Disease and Anesthesia

People with Pompe disease will likely need, at some point, to undergo medical procedures that require anesthesia. Here is information about the different forms of anesthesia, how Pompe disease may complicate its use, and precautions doctors should take. What is Pompe disease? Pompe is a rare genetic disease caused…

Pompe Disease and Surgery

Patients with Pompe disease may have to undergo surgery requiring general anesthesia. Below is information about the disease, why patients may need surgery, and the potential risks of anesthesia. What is Pompe disease? Pompe disease is a rare genetic disease caused by a mutation in the GAA…