Screening Programs May Identify Newborns at Risk for Late-onset Pompe Disease, Other Lysosomal Storage Disorders

Newborn screening for lysosomal storage disorders, including Pompe disease, is much more likely to detect individuals at risk for late-onset disease, according to a four-fear analysis of data from a pilot newborn screening program. The study “The New York pilot newborn screening program for lysosomal storage diseases: Report of the…

Amicus Announces Plans for Developing AT-GAA to Treat Pompe Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is planning to launch a pivotal trial to compare its investigational therapy AT-GAA (ATB200/AT221) to the current standard of care available for patients with Pompe disease. The new trial is expected to provide additional clinical data to support Accelerated Approval for AT-GAA by the U.S.

Newborn Screening Better Than Clinical Exam at Detecting Pompe Disease, Study Shows

Newborn screening seems better at identifying Pompe disease cases than a clinical examination, especially for classic infantile-onset Pompe disease, according to researchers. Their study, “Using Decision Analysis to Support Newborn Screening Policy Decisions: A Case Study for Pompe Disease,” was published in the journal Medical Decision Making Policy & Practice. Screening…