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The Long Drive for My Son’s Nexviazyme Infusions Is Worth It

Recently, my 4-year-old son, Cayden, made the long-awaited change to Nexviazyme (avalglucosidase alfa) infusions, a new treatment option for Pompe disease. We have wanted to switch treatments for a while, but faced some insurance challenges that caused a delay. Nevertheless, we finally managed to get him switched, and…

How Shortages Affect the Rare Disease Community

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has caused a lot of issues for not just the United States, but the entire world. Because of the pandemic, for example, we’ve recently been experiencing issues getting the necessary medical supplies for my 4-year-old son, Cayden, who has infantile-onset Pompe disease. Cayden…

We’re Eyeing a Medication Switch to Nexviazyme

Recently, my 4-year-old son, Cayden, had an appointment with his metabolic specialist. This doctor manages everything related to his Pompe disease and is part of a team of doctors that diagnosed him when he was just 1 month old. They also oversee everything related to his enzyme replacement infusions.