Marta Figueiredo, PhD, science writer —

Marta holds a biology degree, a master’s in evolutionary and developmental biology, and a PhD in biomedical sciences from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. She was awarded a research scholarship and a PhD scholarship, and her research focused on the role of several signaling pathways in thymus and parathyroid glands embryonic development. She also previously worked as an assistant professor of an annual one-week embryology course at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Medicine.

Articles by Marta Figueiredo

Fatigue Called Most Disabling LOPD Symptom in Patient Interviews

Fatigue, pain, muscle weakness, and breathing difficulties are the most common and highly disabling symptoms of late-onset Pompe disease (LOPD), according to a study that combined data collected from published literature, expert clinician interviews, and patient interviews. In addition, patients reported that mobility problems had the most impact on…

At-home Muscle Test May Help Monitor LOPD

Electrical impedance myography (EIM), a non-invasive and painless muscle test that can be conducted at home, is associated significantly with functional measures in adults with late-onset Pompe disease (LOPD), according to a small study. Notably, similar EIM results were obtained when the test was performed by patients at home using…